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Do we really live in an "age of inequality"?

A major debate has gripped the field of economics with significant policy stakes.

Dylan Matthews


January 11, 2024

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This article presents a balanced and neutral perspective on the ongoing debate in the field of economics regarding income inequality in the United States. It fairly represents the viewpoints of both sides in the debate – Thomas Piketty, Emmanuel Saez, and Gabriel Zucman on one side, and Gerald Auten and David Splinter on the other – without favoring one over the other. The article does not employ logical fallacies; instead, it provides a clear explanation of the technical disagreements between the two groups, such as the interpretation of IRS audit studies and the allocation of retirement income. The narrative focuses on the complexity and challenges inherent in measuring income inequality, acknowledging the limitations of both sides' methodologies and the difficulty in reaching a definitive conclusion. It effectively communicates that while there is agreement on the general trend of increasing inequality, the extent and implications of this trend remain subject to debate. This approach allows the reader to understand the nuances of the debate without being led towards a predetermined conclusion, thus maintaining a neutral stance on the issue.

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