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Public letter from Standford MEDICINE

98 Stanford physicians and researchers

Stanford Medicine

September 9, 2020

Viewpoint Detected:


Fallacies Detected:

Appeal to Authority, Bandwagon Fallacy, Appeal to Emotion

credAIble Evaluation:

This text represents a collective stance by professionals in health policy, epidemiology, and infectious diseases against the views of Dr. Scott Atlas. While the argument is grounded in a commitment to science-based solutions for managing the coronavirus pandemic, it leans on the Appeal to Authority by emphasizing the collective expertise of the signatories. The Bandwagon Fallacy is present in suggesting that widespread acceptance among professionals equates to correctness. An Appeal to Emotion is subtly employed to underscore the potential harm from ignoring their advice. Despite these fallacies, the core argument seeks to prioritize public health based on scientific evidence.

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